Christmas in Sweden Ideas for the Classroom

God Jul (Merry Christmas) and Och Ett Gott Nytt Ar (Happy New Year)!

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Saint Lucia Day

Christmas in Sweden begins on December 13 with Saint Lucia Day, a day to honor Lucia, the patron saint of light who is said to be a bearer of light during the long Swedish winters. On this day, according to tradition, the eldest daughter portrays "the Queen of Light (St. Lucia)" by dressing up in a white robe or long white dress and a crown of leaves and candles. Singing "Santa Lucia," she serves coffee and treats to each family member. The younger children often help her out.

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The Tomte

Christmas trees are set up and decorated about two days before Christmas with gingerbread biscuits, wrapped candy, ornaments, small gnomes (Tomte) wearing red hats, pinecones, and flowers, such as julstjarna (poinsettia), red tulips, and red and white amarylis. A popular tradition on Christmas Eve is to serve risgryngrot, a rice porridge or pudding with one almond in it. The person who finds the almond gets to make or wish or is said to marry the next year. After dinner, someone dresses up as Tomte, a gnome who is believed to live under floorboards and who looks after the family and animals during the year. Tomte, who looks a little like Santa Claus, hands out presents and says funny rhymes. After the presents are handed out, the family dances around the Christmas tree singing a special song.

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Christmas Dinner

On Christmas Eve, or Julafton in Swedish, some people light candles and go to church. A Christmas Eve dinner is served, usually a traditional smorgasbord, or a Swedish buffet, consisting of ham, pork sausage, lutefisk (dried fish), an egg and anchovy mixture called gubbrora, herring salad, boiled potatoes, sweet and rye breads, and variety of sweets.

On Christmas day, candles shine in every window. Bells ring out, calling families to church. On January 5, the eve of Twelfth night, young boys dress up as the Wise Men and go house to house singing carols while carrying a lighted candle on a pole topped with a star. There is one last celebration on January 13, St. Knut's Day, when the parents pack away the Christmas decorations and the children eat the last of the wrapped candy on the tree. Then out goes the tree to the last song of Christmas. 


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