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What Do Ducks Eat? Science and Snack

What Do Ducks Eat? Science and Snack

What you need:

Lettuce cut in small pieces
Seeds or oats
Gummy worms
Grapes cut in half


Learning Goal and Standards

Science: Children learn what ducks eat and which foods are good or bad to feed the ducks.


Place all the foods in to seperate containers. 

What you do:

Ask children if they know what ducks eat in nature.

Ducks eat wild grass, seeds, insects, small fish, and water plants.

Ask, if they ever fed the ducks in a pond. What did they feed them? The answer will probably be bread. Explain to children that it is best if we don't feed the ducks. Feeding ducks bread, chips, and other human "snack food" items are bad because they do not offer the proper nutrition that ducks and geese need and can harm ducklings' growth, and pollute waterways.

Look at the poster together. Point out the foods that are good to feed the ducks:

Grapes cut in half
Oats and seeds

Ask children if they remember which food we shouldn't feed the ducks?

Bread, chips, popcorn, crackers, donuts, etc.

Place the poster in your reading center.


Place the containers with the different duck foods on a table. Invide children to use tongs to make their own duck food cups. Then, pretend to be ducks eating their yummy treats.