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Walk the Plank - Gross Motor Skills

Walk the Plank - Gross Motor Skills

What you need:

Long board
Blue tarp
Kiddie pool with water
Two buckets



Place a long plank on a tarp. Provide paint and paintbrushes. 

What you do:

Discuss with children what a plank is. A plank is a long piece a long, thin, flat piece of wood. Explain that pirates sometimes had to walk the plank--sometimes with covered eyes.

Have children paint the plank and let it dry.

The next day, place the plank on top of a large blue tarp. Encourage children to walk the plank:

Hopping on two feet
Hopping on one foot
2 children holding hands
3 children holding hands
All children holding hands


Add water to a kiddie pool. Place the plank on top of two buckets over the pool. Let children walk over the plank.