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The Clever Octopus Rhyme

The Clever Octopus Rhyme

What you need:

Octopus puppet patterns
Story items printable
Octopus poster



Learning Goals and Standards:

Octopus science


Print the Octopus Puppets and the story items coral and ink spot printables. Cut out the octopus and story items. Laminate the colored octopus and cut out. Glue on top of a craft stick to make an octopus puppet. Let children color an octopus and glue on a craft stick.


What you do:

Show children the octopus poster. Ask children what they know about the octopus. Where does the octopus live? What can the octopus do?

Use the octopus puppet to recite the rhyme:

The Clever Octopus
by Jolanda Garcia, KidsSoup Inc.

The octopus lives in the deep blue sea,
The clever octopus, he fascinates me.
With three hearts and two eyes so bright,
A head with arms for gripping tight. (Point to arms of the octopus)

Eight arms has the octopus, it's true, (Count the arms)
With them, there's so much it can do.
It grabs its food, it holds on tight, (Make a fist with the other hand)
Dives deep in the sea, out of sight. (Move puppet down to the floor)

With its suckers, strong and neat, (Point to the suckers)
It’s the best hunter you'll ever meet.
So smart it learns a lot each day,
Hiding swiftly is its way.

The octopus, so clever and grand,
Can almost vanish where it stands.
Changes colors, blends right in, (Hide the octopus behind the purple coral)
So none can see where it has been.

When the octopus feels a threat,
It finds a hiding spot to set.
A cloud of ink, a perfect trick to hide. (Hide the octopus behind the black ink spot)
The predator looks puzzled side to side. (Turn head side to side)

Octopus, you're a wonder of the sea,
You belong there, wild and free.
In the water, you twist and glide, (Move puppet)
Oh, how beautiful is the ocean wide!



Let children create their own octopus puppet