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Queen of Hearts Numbers

Queen of Hearts Numbers

What you need:

Queen of Hearts Numbers Mat printables
2 sets of hearts playing cards
Conversation hearts candy or any other counters

Learning Goals and Standards:

Associates a quantity with written numerals

Remove the Jack, Ace, and King card from two sets of hearts playing cards. Add the conversation hearts inside a container. Place the Queen of Hearts Flip and Cover mat together with the two sets of hearts playing cards on the table.

Queen of Hearts Numbers Game Play
(2 players)

Each player receives a Queen of Hearts Flip and Cover mat. The playing cards are placed in a pile face down on a table.

Taking turns, each player turns over the top card from the pile.

Then finds the matching number on his/her Queen of Hearts Flip and Cover mat and places a conversation heart on top. The player keeps the card. If the number is already covered, the card gets placed at the bottom of the pile and the next player gets a turn. If a player flips over the Queen of Heart card, he/she can place a conversation heart on any spot on his/her mat. The player that first covers all his/her numbers on the mat wins the game.