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Ocean Sensory Tubs and Pretend Play

Ocean Sensory Tubs and Pretend Play






We love Sensory bins and small world play areas. Sensory bins and small world play areas help your preschooler explore their senses and get all the benefits of play (language development, social skills, fine motor skills, etc.). We’ve collected some great ocean sensory bin and ocean play areas ideas. 


Dry Ocean Sensory Tub

Fill tub with shredded blue paper, blue streamers, and green Easter grass to make "an ocean." Mix plastic ocean animals into the ocean materials so that they are hidden under the "waves." 

Ocean Play Areas

We love the felt play area from Ness over at www.oneperfectdayblog.comTo make an ocean play area add more ocean animals and maybe some easter grass for sea weed and shells. 

Ocean Water Table and Ocean Sensory Tubs

Fill tub with water and water beads. For the sea grass, cook some spaghetti and let dry. Fill a plastic bag with the spaghetti and add some green food coloring. Add to the water. Add rocks and some sand to the bottom of the tub. Fill with plastic ocean animals.
Georgina from shares instructions on how to make a Tropical Island Water Table.
Jen over at created this ocean water table for her kids.
Jane over at created this fun beach/ocean sensory tub for her kids.
Another ocean tub from
Allison from created this fun sensory ocean tub with blue gelatin!
But I think my favorite is the outdoor ocean play area from Asia over at
Do you have any great ocean sensory tub or ocean small world play area ideas you would like to share? Contact us--we would love to hear from you.