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Bear Snores On - Story Time

Bear Snores On - Story Time

What you need:

Book: Bear Snores On (Amazon Affiliate Link)




Learning Goals and Standards:

Social Skills

Before Reading

Show the book to children. What do you think the story is about? Read the title of the book.

After Reading


  • What season is it in the story? (winter)
  • Where is the bear sleeping? (den)
  • Why do you think the bear was sleeping so deeply? Discuss hibernation (when animals sleep through the winter). Do you think you could sleep for months at a time?
  • Why do you think the other animals are coming into bear’s den?
  • Do you remember the different animals? Point to the specific animals as they are introduced.
  • What does it sound like to snore?

Make the snoring sound together. How do you think a bear snoring sounds? (loud, deep) What about a mouse? (quiet, high pitched)


Talk about the noises and actions the bear made when he woke up. 

Gnarls, snarls, roars, rumbles, jumps, stomps, growls, grumbles. Together, make the movements and sounds. 

Choose one child to be the bear sleeping in the den. Sing the song together. At the end of the song choose one child to wake the bear by poking him/her gently. How will the bear wake up? Will he/she jump? Will he/she growl? Will he/she grumble?

Brown Bear's Snoring
(Tune: Are You Sleeping?)

Brown bear's snoring,
Brown bear's snoring
in his winter sleep

in his winter sleep
Dreaming of warmer days
Dreaming of warmer days
Don’t wake him, don’t wake him.

Re-tell the story. This time have children make the snoring sound each time they hear the word “snore.”

Bear Den Coloring Page
Let children draw the bear sleeping and snoring in the cave.



Bear Snores On Felt Story Pictures

Bear Snores On Re-telling Cards and Activity