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Feed the Penguin Letter Recognition

Feed the Penguin Letter Recognition

What you need:
Box Penguin (see craft section)
Craft foam
Wiggly eyes
Black marker



What you do:

Draw some simple fish shapes on the craft foam and cut out. Attach a wiggly eye and write your focus letters on the fish. 

Letter P
Preparation: Write the letter p on 5-6 fish. Write other letters on the other fish.

Explain that Penguin begins with the letter p. Review the sound made by the letter p. Instruct children to feed the penguin only the fish with the letter p. 

Letters of the Alphabet Letters Recognition

Preparation: Write a letter of the alphabet on each fish.

Call out a letter and let children search for the letter fish and feed the penguin the matching fish.


Kindergarten Common Core State Standards:

RF.K.1d: Recognize and name all upper- and lowercase letters of the alphabet.