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Apple Lacing Fine Motor Skills

Apple Lacing Fine Motor Skills

What you need:

Cereal box
Apple shape pattern
Hole punch
Red, yellow, green paint
Paper plate
Red yarn




What you do:

Print apple shape pattern and trace onto cereal box carton and cut out. Place red and orange paint inside a paper plate.

Let children color their apple with their fingers. Let dry.

Optional: To make the apple shiny, add a couple of drops of water to some white glue. Use a brush to paint all over the apple.

Punch holes all around the apple. 

Make a pipe cleaner needle by tying the yarn on a small piece of pipe cleaner. Then twist the pipe cleaner together.

With a knot, tie the yarn on the apple. 

Have children lace around the apple. Add a green paper leaf.


Print and glue apple printout onto cereal box carton and cut out. Add holes and yarn.