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ABC Twiggles Program


NEW 3 Month ABC Twiggles Membership for only $ 2.50 a month! NOTE: Use the dropdown menu below to select. Gain unlimited access to our ABC Twiggles member site with all the resources for each letter of the alphabet. The ABC Twiggles Curriculum introduces children to alphabet concepts using a multi-sensory approach. Each letter is presented to children in a variety of contexts (i.e., tactile, auditory, kinesthetic, and visual). Each letter contains over 50 printable activities, 2 interactive electronic booklets, and teacher-tested teaching instructions and resources. Parent newsletters in English and Spanish and a Lesson Guide are also available. All our resources are research driven and aligned to state and national standards.

Free Preview of all the resources for the letter A.

We offer multi-user discounts! A 5% volume discount is applied to purchases of 5 to 9 licenses. A 10% volume pricing is applied to purchases of 10 or more licenses. Select the number of users that will be accessing the member site and the discount will be applied during your checkout.

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By Denise Shannon on

I uses the printable as well as the videos for my preschoolers for more than 10 years. I love this website as a resource.

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By Nicolegg50@yahoo.com on

Looking forward using this when I open my Family Home Child Care

By Navneet Gulati on

Your resources are really good. My students loved listening to you alphabet books. Your worksheets are very handy.


By Jailey Sanchez Leon on

I love it because the children in my class are motivated with all the materials they offer.

By April Molle on

I have enjoyed using abctwiggles for the past few years and I think it is a great resource!

By Patricia Muscianese on

I have enjoyed your website over the years that i have taught....


Thank you.

Love your website and all the resources.


By Mary Rodgers on

I love your website. It has really helped with planning. Thanks. MJ

By Sue Smith on

I have enjoyed your site, it is the best one I have ever seen and continue to recommend it to any of my Primary friends. Thanks for it all! SUE SMITH

By Lynn Dombrowski on

I enjoy both Kidssoup and ABCtwiggles. Thanks so much.


By tiffany shields on

I have been a Pre K teacher for almost 7 years. I have been looking for the perfect curriculum for my students that I felt triggered all of their senses. Then I came across your curriculum. I have since completely adopted your curriculum for our school. The kids love all of your meet the letter puppets and I use everything on your site for everything I teach. You have truly made my life easier. I no longer have to spend hours looking for the right curriculum for my class. Thank you on behalf of my school, and I am sure many other schools. Your curriculum is one of the best I have seen. I plan on spreading the word to our sister schools.

By Lori Armstrong on

Thank you - so much for the information-- I could not do preschool without you!! Keep up the good work!

By Susie Mar on

I want to let you know that I have been using your ABC Twiggles program with a little 5 year old boy I am currently tutoring for the summer. I love your new program and the little boy has enjoyed the different activities. It is quite a comprehensive program and involves the "whole child". I really like how you have kept the materials consistent for each letter. This has helped the little boy become more independent in completing the worksheets - he knows exactly how to complete the worksheets on his own with minimal help. He also enjoys the folder games. It's heartwarming to watch him explain to his mom how to play the game "right". After using the ABC Twiggles program for just a very short time I have noticed the little boy is starting to comprehend the concept of letter sounds. You understand how children learn as this is reflected in the materials you have created. Thank you for all of your hard work in creating a most wonderful program to help our children acquire beginning reading success. Keep up the tremendous work.

By Rose Loveless on

ABC Twiggle is fantastic. I have been on the computer all morning looking through the site. I love the way it uses the Kids soup also. If a person can not find information to teach he is not trying. These two sites are just what I need. Thank you so much, I am ready to have fun with my children in family daycare.