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Book: Even Monsters Need Haircuts

Book: Even Monsters Need Haircuts

What you need:


Play dough
Plastic drinking straws
Small disposable Styrofoam balls or cups

Book: Even Monsters Need Haircuts by Matthew McElligott

This books tells the story of a barber’s son and the adventures he has working in his father’s barber shop whenever there is a full moon. It is full of not-so-scary characters and shows children that the monsters have some human qualities.

Barbershop Fine Motor

Cut the yarn into long pieces and tie 3 or 4 strands together. You will need many of these small bunches (50+ at least).

Provide a small disposable bowl, play dough, yarn, plastic drinking straws, and scissors for each child. Have children draw a monster face with markers on their bowl, and then place a play dough ball inside. Have them flatten the dough a bit to fill the bowl. Next, have them cut the drinking straws in half. Demonstrate to children how to push a few bunches of yarn into the play dough. You can also add in drinking straws for the children to add and cut.

Children can style their monsters hair by cutting the pieces of yarn or drinking straws or a combination of both. Replace their yarn hair as needed.

Monster Hair Cut Fine Motor Skills Worksheet

Let children trace the monster's hair, and then use scissors to cut the hair.

Monster Artwork:

Make the rectangle monster. You will need black craft paper, green tissue paper rectangles, clear shelf paper, and a black marker. Make screws from the black paper, and give two to each child. These will go on the sides to serve as a way to hold the sticky paper. Give children the tissue paper to apply to the sticky side of the paper and a marker to draw a face on the non-sticky side.