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I'm a Hungry Caterpillar Craft

I'm a Hungry Caterpillar Craft

What you need:

Egg carton
Green and blue tissue paper
Pipe cleaners
Head picture of each child
Small bowl
Small paint brush


Learning Goals and Standards:

Fine Motor Skills
Creative Arts


Cut the egg carton in to a three cup section. Tear tissue paper in to small pieces and place inside a bowl. Add glue to a bowl and dilute glue with a couple drops of water.

What you do:

Hand out a 3 cups egg carton to each child. With a small paint brush let children add the glue to one of the cups. Then place tissue paper on top. Repeat until the whole egg carton is covered with tissue paper. 

Glue two small pieces of pipe cleaners to the back of the photo. 

Glue the photo to the front of the caterpillar.