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Help The Little Red Hen

Help The Little Red Hen

What you need:

Help the Little Red Hen Counting Game printable
Brown play dough
Wheat stalks
Small container


Counting, one-to-one correspondence, fine motor skills

What you do:

Print Help The Little Hen Counting Game printable and cut out. Glue on top of a construction paper. Laminate for extra strength. Place the play dough inside a small container. 

Game Play

Hand out a Help the Little Hen mat to each child. Invite children to roll the play dough in to small balls and place one ball on each circle on the mat while counting. ~One-to-one correspondece

Next, let children stick a wheat stalk inside each play dough ball. Let children count as they go. ~fine motor skills and counting

Explain to children that the Little Red Hen needs their help cutting the wheat. Children roll the dice and pick/cut the matching number of wheat stalks from the mat. ~counting, subtraction