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What’s Inside the Egg? Science Exploration

What’s Inside the Egg? Science Exploration

What you need:

Egg printable
One fresh egg
One hard boiled egg
Yellow pom-poms


Skills: Science, vocabulary

What you do:

Print egg printable for each child.

What’s Inside the Egg?
*Make sure there are no egg allergies

Give each child a copy of the egg printable. Carefully let children pass the hard boiled egg around. Ask children if they know what the outside of the egg is called. Yes, it's called a shell. Let children describe the shell: What does it feel like? What color is it? What does it look like? Encourage children to point to the shell and to the word on their egg printout. Crack the hardboiled egg and hand out a shell piece to each child. Let children describe the shell. Next, show children the egg. Do you know what is below the shell (egg white and yolk)? Cut open the hardboiled egg with the knife and point to the yolk and egg white. Next, crack open the fresh egg and place on a small plate. Compare the two eggs. Use descriptive words such as "liquid" and "hard."

Explain that a baby bird or chick is developing in the yolk. The yolk is the food while the chick is growing. Let children color and label their egg printable. Last, have children glue a small yellow pom-pom in the middle of the yolk to represent a chick.