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Sandwich Cheese Shapes Activity and Game

Sandwich Cheese Shapes Activity and Game

What you need:

Sandwiches printables
Cheese Shapes printables
Yellow craft foam or felt
Sandwiches and Cheese Shapes Matching Activity Cover Sheet printable
Two-pocket folder
Chart paper
Black marker

Learning Goals and Standards:

2D Shapes recognition

What you do:

1. Print the Cheese Shapes and Sandwich printables. Trace cheese shapes on to yellow craft foam and cut out. Laminate sandwiches if desired and cut out each card. Place the sandwich cards in one pocket of the folder and the cheese shapes in an envelope in the other. Print the activity cover sheet and glue it to the front of the folder.

2. Demonstrate the shape matching activity. Place the sandwiches on a flat surface. Hand out the cheese shapes to children and review the name of each shape and a few of its major characteristics. Reinforce properties of each shape by asking questions, such as: "How many sides does this shape have? How many more sides does this shape have than that shape? Which shapes have sides? Which shapes don't?"

3. Discuss how the mouse in the story wants a sandwich. Explain that mice love cheese and that they need to match the cheese shapes to the correct sandwich.

4. Point to a sandwich (example sandwich with the square) and say the rhyme:

Nibble, nibble,
cheese is good.
I like [squares]
like every mouse should!

Let the child with the square-shaped cheese place it on the matching sandwich. Continue with the other shapes.

3. Once the shape matching activity has been completed as a group, it can be placed in an area of the room where children can practice making matches individually or in pairs.



Kindergarten Common Core State Standards:

K.G.A.2: Correctly name shapes regardless of their orientations or overall size.