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Ladybug Dots Counting and Matching

Ladybug Dots Counting and Matching

What you need:

Ladybug printables
Felt or cardstock paper
Ladybug Dots Folder Activity Cover Sheet printable
Two-pocket folder
Manila envelope

Learning Goals and Standards:

Understands the relationship between numbers and quantities. Uses appropriate vocabulary: equal, more, less
Associates a quantity with written numerals

What you do:

Print the ladybug printables. Cut out and trace large ladybug shapes on to felt or laminate picture. Glue together the felt pieces to make the ladybug. Laminate ladybug cards. Place the ladybug cards in one pocket of the folder. Cut the black dots out of felt or cardstock paper and place them in the manila envelope. Place the manila envelope in the other folder pocket. Print the activity cover sheet and glue it to the front of the folder.

Game Instructions:
Each player gets a large ladybug card. Place number cards face down in a pile. Taking turns, the player turns over a number card. Next he/she places the matching number of dots on the ladybug. Which player has more? Less? Remove dots and repeat.



What you need: Small Ladybug Cards

Let children look at a small ladybug card and match the placement and number of the dots on their large ladybug.