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Chickens Aren't the Only Ones - Lesson Plan

Chickens Aren't the Only Ones - Lesson Plan

What you need:

Book: Chickens Aren't the Only Ones (*Amazon Affiliate Link)

Animals that Hatch from Eggs printables
Plastic Eggs


Learning Skills and Standards:

Science: Learn about animals that hatch from eggs.
Vocabulary: Oviparous


Print the Animals that Hatch from Eggs printables. Cut out the pictures and place the small versions of the animals inside the plastic eggs.

Vocabulary Word: Oviparous - These Animals do not give birth to their young but instead lay eggs. Birds and lizards are oviparous.

What you do:

Show children the book cover. What animal do they see on the cover? Ask children – what do you know about chickens? Where do chicks come from? How do hens keep their eggs safe?

Point to the hen sitting on the nest. Ask, What is the nest they made of? How does the hen keep the eggs safe?

After talking about eggs, ask – what other animals come from eggs?

Explain that today we will learn about animals that hatch from eggs. Say, chickens are a oviparous animal. That means, they do not give birth to their young but instead lay eggs and their young grow inside the egg and hatch from the eggs. 

Read the book: Chickens Aren't the Only Ones

Egg Activity

Ask children if they remember what other animals hatch from eggs.

Set out all the plastic eggs with the animals inside them. Have a child chose an egg, open it, and say the name of the animal inside.

(alligator, heron, snake, penguin, ostrich, chick)

Talk about where that animal lives and how it gets its food. Ask – do you think this animal lives in water or on land? What does it eat? 

Pretend to be that animal – have them crouch down and sit very quietly and still to be an egg. Then start to wiggle around, hatch out, and pretend to be the baby animal.

Repeat with the other eggs.


A......hatched from the egg Craftivity

Ask the children to name some animals that come from eggs. Have the children pick a favorite animal that comes from an egg. Hand out the "What animal hatched from the Egg?" printable.

Have the children draw a picture of the animal inside the egg and write the name of the animal on the paper. 

Next, let them cut out the egg halves. Glue the bottom half of the shell on the egg. Use a  to attach the top egg half on top to cover the animal inside. The children can open the egg to reveal the animal inside.


Concentration Game

Place three to five animals on the floor. Let children look at and name each animal. Cover the animals with the egg shapes.

Ask, where was the ostrich? Let a child lift to egg to reveal the animal. 

Circle Game and Transition Activity

Let children cover their eyes. Place one egg shape covering an animal picture on the floor.

Recite the rhyme and let children guess which animal is hatching from the egg. (or use plastic egg with picture inside.)

I’m a little animals ready to hatch
I’m pecking at my shell
scratch, scratch scratch

Choose a child to reveal the animal in the egg. Then pretend to be the baby animal and transition to the next activity.


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