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By Elizabeth Kahler on

I found your website extremely helpful and valuable while teaching K-2 special Education. Keep up the good work! It is a terrific site!

By Leila Robinson on

I love your site...I was able to use alot of the materials in my class this year.

Leila R. Pre-K Teacher.


I have enjoyed using many of the activities on your website. I have also hooked one of my co-workers to this website! :)

I teach Kinder and she teaches preschool students who are Deaf/ Hard of hearing.

By Carolyn Gengo on

Just want to say, I love the new pizza activities for this month. I run an Italian preschool in New York and it is very difficult to pull together appropriate material. Although I create a lot of my own material, I don't always have the time to create the most ideal material, and I often turn to KidsSoup and find just what I am looking for.
Mile grazie!

By Fusako Hidaka on

Thank you very much for your great efforts to supply wonderful educational crafts and activities so far.

By fotini koutlakis on

Thank you for your excellent product which I have recommended and will continue to recommend to others.


By Lisa Blitchok on

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I enjoy your site! The activities, crafts, and resources are so useful! I've used many websites before, but yours just tops the list! I can not even express how impressed I am with it! Best yet!

By Barbie Grider on

Just wanted to say I am SO EXCITED to have stumbled upon your site! Finally, lots of fresh, fun teaching ideas and at a bargain price. I can't wait for more! Thanks

By Scott Hayes on

I recently became a member of kidssoup.com and absolutely LOVE it! Thank you for making my life much, much easier! :) - I truly love the website - it was worth every penny.

By Karmen Hamer on

The worksheets, activities, and great ideas on your site have been fantastic, and I thank you for putting out a great product.

By Rosa Albinati on

Just want to say that i love this site. It has great ideas. Keep up the great work!!

By sarah bender on

Its great love all the ideas.

By Alicia Davis on

Thank you so much. I can't wait to see your websites wonderful ideas. I plan my preschool lessons entirely around your website and nothing else. It is so helpful.

By Marilyn Borden on

I recently subscribed to your site and I cannot tell you how useful I am finding it to be! It is the BEST site I have been to for resources concentrated in ONE PLACE. I no longer spend hours searching for just the right songs, chants, crafts, and other resources.. I now have more time PREPARING fun activities for my students! THANK YOU for being such a WONDERFUL resource!

By Debbie Thomas on

I absolutely love your site. As a teacher it is nice to find resources that enhance what is already being taught.

By Lana Welch on

Your site is wonderful!!!

By Lori Atkin on

I find your website FANTASTIC! It is a wonderful time saving resource that more than met my needs.

By Melissa Beaumont on

I thank you again for your wonderful web site. Hopefully, your web site will be there to access for years to come! I just love checking to see what's new!

By Karen Breach on

I absolutely LOVE KidsSoup. It is indispensable for my StoryHour time at our local library.

By Liz macEachern on

I absolutely love your site. It has such a great variety of ideas, crafts, games and much much more. It is awesome!

By Paige French on

I love your website. As a homeschool mom, I have found it very useful!

By alicia bland on

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your site and
activities. I use many of the activities with my daughters in our
homeschooling time. It has been a very good investment.

By Kacey Chandler on

Just wanting to write a review for your site...I LOVE it...it is AWESOME!!! So glad I ran across it over the internet and decided to subscribe..It is very useful.
Thanks again:)

By Deanna T. on

I loved my membership. I was a stay at home mom last school year and started writing my own lesson plans based on ideas from your website. Thank you for your service - I loved the ideas and you made it very easy to write lesson plans.

By Amanda Moore on

I was very pleased with your wedsite and the excellent content offered there. Thank You

I'm an Education teacher and found out your creative things is very useful and Thank You

By Leslie Pugh on

I was very pleased with your website and the excellent content offered there. Over the last year I was homeschooling two of my children (preschool ages) and used your website several times a week for ideas and projects.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to others.

By Stephanie De Sousa on

Thank you so much for the countless wonderful theme ideas and crafts that I have benefited from for the last 2 years.  

As a daycare educator, your ideas were clear, concise, and effective and the children truly enjoyed the crafts!

By Robyn Sheppard on

I'm an Education Assistant and found your creative things very useful. Thanks

By Susan McHugh on

I love your site. I teach Kindergarten and you have wonderful content, keep up the good work.

By Andrea Casburn on

I really enjoy your site and everything you have to offer on it. I get on at least 2-3 times a week and Im not really sure what I would be doing with out it. It's great