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STEM: Water Transport

STEM: Water Transport

What you need:

Large tub with water
PVC pipes
Buckets, cups
Plastic rain gutters (optional)
Kiddie pool


What you do:

Discuss with children how water travels from the mountains down the streams all the way to the ocean. Go to a sink and turn on the faucet. Ask children if they know where this water comes from. Look under the sink together and your children probably notice the pipes leading up to the faucet. So where does that cool drinking water originate? Look at the video together:

Experiment and Exploration

Invite children to pretend to be a water plant that needs to transport the water all the way to the kiddie pool. Let children experiment and use hoses, funnels, straws, plastic rain gutters, etc., to transport the water into different containers or in the kiddie pool. 

Support children to explore water pressure.