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In the Classroom: Crouching Tigers

In the Classroom: Crouching Tigers

What you need:

Tiger Poster





Large Group

Tigers are one of the jungle’s main predators. The large cats stalk slower animals to provide food for themselves and their families. Together with children, look at the tiger poster. Let children describe the tiger.

Work together with children to create a simple chart labeled "predator" and "prey" during your large group meeting. You may also introduce a simple circle of life to children. Many of them may relate to this idea because of the movie The Lion King


Play a “Duck, Duck, Goose” style game with Predators and Prey. Let each child who is "it" choose a predator-prey combo to use for their turn. 

Use the Jungle Animals Movement Cards to transition to the next activities.

Separate into smaller groups to focus on more skill-based learning.  

Small Group

Literacy Skills

Letter Sorting and Classifying (free)

Print the Jungle Animal Letter Sort activity. Place the letter cards on the table and explain how letters can be grouped by their shape (tall, small, tail) and how each of these shapes can be matched to an animal. Place the board in the center and allow the group to work together to place the letters into their proper category.

Jungle Predators and Prey Beginning Sound Game

Print a Predators and Prey game board and set of cards for the table. Give each child a card and set of small manipulatives to use as markers. In addition, you will need a small jungle cat toy to move around the game board and a die or spinner. On a child’s turn, he/she will roll or spin, identify the number, move that many spaces, name the image in the space, and identify the beginning sound.  

The child with the card of the predator with the same beginning sound will place a marker on his/her card. Continue until a child has filled his/her card. 


Patterning Place a basket of orange and black items on the table. Instruct children to create color patterns using the materials provided. More advanced children can be challenged by also adding other attributes to their pattern, such as size or shape.


Tiger Puppet (free)

Understanding Prepositions and Direction Words  Following the instructions given by the craft and cut the shapes of paper needed to make a simple tiger puppet. Use directional words while explaining to children how to construct their tiger.  

The exact placement of the parts is not as important as being able to understand the prepositional/directional words that are spoken.

Written by Beth Steward