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Big Squid Movement Rhyme

Big Squid Movement Rhyme

What you need:

Picture of a squid




Learning Goals: Movement, Science, Listening and Conversation

Big Squid
by Jolanda Garcia, KidsSoup, Inc.

Big squid, big squid,
stretch your arms. (Stretch arms.)
Big squid, big squid,
show your charms. (Smile big.)

Ask children if they know how many arms a squid has. (8)

Big squid, big squid,
open your beak. (Place hands in front of your mouth and open/close.)
Big squid, big squid,
Can you speak?

Show children where the beak is located on the squid. Discuss if they think a squid can speak.

Big squid, big squid,
use your tentacles to catch. (Pretend to catch something with hands.)
Big squid, big squid,
do you use them to scratch? (Scratch back with hands.)

Point out the two tentacles with the cups on the squid on the picture.

Big squid, big squid,
with your mantel on your head. (Make a mantel with the two hands making a tent above the head.)
Big squid, big squid,
do you sleep in a bed? (Pretend to sleep.)

Point to the mantel on the picture. Discuss with children where the squid sleeps.

Big squid, big squid,
don't swim ashore. (Wave finger to say no.)
Big squid, big squid
sit on the ocean floor. (Children sit down.)

Discuss with children what would happen if the squid would go ashore.