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Bean Bag Fun and Games

Bean Bag Fun and Games

What you need:

Bean bag for each child





Learning Goals and Standards:
Physical Gross Motor Skills

Play some lively music. Let children pass a bean bag around the circle--over their heads, behind their backs, with one hand, etc. When the music stops, change direction.

Have children stand in a row. The child in front grabs a bean bag and passes it overhead to the child behind and so on, until the last child pops the bean bag in the bucket, then runs to the front to repeat the bean bag relay.

Pass overhead, to right and left side, under the legs. 

Outside or in a Large Room
Let children stand apart with stretched arms to their sides so they don't touch each other. Hand out a bean bag to each child. Say:

  • Place bean bag on your foot and hold it in the air.
  • Place bean bag on your head. Can you walk with your bean bag on your head?
  • Put the bean bag on your arm. Move your arm to the front and to the sides.
  • Toss the bean bag in the air and catch it. Try to toss the bean bag with your feet and catch it.
  • Toss the bean bag in the air and clap one time.
  • Carry the bean bag on your back.
  • Lie on your back and hold the bean bag with your feet. Now move your legs toward the floor and toward your head. 
  • Can you pass the bean bag to your friend with your feet?

Bean Bag Targets

Let children hit a wall by throwing with the right and left hand, or simply draw or tape a line and get the bean bag over the line.

With chalk draw, large and small circles on a wall. Let children try to hit the targets.

Tape shapes on the floor with masking tape. Let children toss their bean bag inside the shapes. 

Place a box on the floor. Let children try to toss the bean bag inside the box.

2 Players. Each player gets 4 bean bags in a different color. Taking turns each player gets to throw a bean bag. The player with the most bean bags inside the box wins.