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Kindergarten Activities, Kindergarten Lessons, and Printables

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Save time and money! Our ready-to-use kindergarten activities, kindergarten lessons, printable kindergarten activities, and other resources cover essential kindergarten objectives and make your daily planning fast, easy, and affordable. The cost is the same regardless of how many children you have in your care. Simply choose the kindergarten activities based on the ability of your children and print as many pages as you need. Our KidsSoup Resource Library currently contains 52 themes and more than 5,500 printables. Our Kindergarten Curriculum is created by curriculum specialists. Each theme offers printable lessons and activities, worksheets, rhymes and songs, emergent reader booklets, learning aids, and arts and crafts ideas. New themes and resources are added monthly.

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What Our Subscribers Say:

"I just wanted to let you know that this is one of the best sites that I have found!!! I am a teacherin a multi-needs classroom and use the activities on the KidsSoup resource library site for many of my units. There is something for everyone, of every skill level, and the activites are easily adaptable for each skill level as well. I love the colourful printables and always laminate them for future use. I have recommended this site to many of my other teacher friends, and have received many compliments on the art activities that we have done from the kidssoup site. Standing ovation!!!!I am excited for upcoming topics!"


~Michelle G

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Language and Literacy Activities

Reading is a key focus of kindergarten. Good reading skills are the foundation for all future learning. With our resources your children will experience reading resources that include phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, and vocabulary. Our printable Kindergarten activities and resources contain fun and age-appropriate literacy activities and emergent reader booklets for children to color and share. Finger plays, rhymes, songs, and felt stories are another fun way to help your children to develop the vocabulary they will need as they begin to read.

Access printables and folder games for writing practice, word families, beginning, middle, and ending sounds, phonemic awareness, phonics, etc.

Math Activities, Games, and Worksheets

Kindergarten Math. Learning math concepts and using early math skills helps children to make sense of the world around them and to develop their ability to reason and problem solve. Using math concepts is a natural part of young children's play and daily activities. Through play children explore mathematical concepts such as counting, sorting, measuring, classifying, comparing quantities, and recognizing shapes and patterns.

Our collection of printable kindergarten math activities and lessons help children to develop their number, arithmetic, shape, size, and color skills.

Arts and Crafts Projects

Arts and crafts stimulate children's imagination and creativity. Arts and crafts projects contribute to the development of fine and gross motor skills in young children. Our resources contain printable step-by-step instructions, patterns, and pictures of each art or craft project. You' ll find craft and art projects for all major holidays, seasons, and common kindergarten themes.

All our projects use craft materials that can be easily found around the house or bought in any craft store such as construction paper, pompoms, craft sticks, wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners, and recycled materials like old cereal boxes and paper rolls.

Health and Science

Health and Science activities. Our KidsSoup Resource Library contains resources for health and nurition, dental health, safety, and self-concept development.

Children are natural explorers and are curious about the world they live in. In science, children observe, explore, and discover the earth, plants, and animals. With our kindergarten activities children explore science processes and concepts with fun hands-on activities, worksheets, and lessons. Our kindergarten science lessons create an atmosphere of exploration and offer opportunities for problem solving and creative thought processes.

Kindergarten standards: Interactions between Living Things and Their Environment, The Earth and Its Place in the Universe, Atmospheric Cycles (Weather), Earth Resources (Ocean, Sand, Rocks)

Fine and Gross Motor Skills Activities

You'll find personal growth kindergarten activities, worksheets, and games. Fine motor skill activities help build the strength and dexterity (quick and precise movements and coordination of the hands and fingers) necessary to hold a pencil appropriately. Our resources contain activities and lessons to develop gross motor skills through various fun indoor and outdoor games and songs.

KidSSoup preschool and kindergarten curriculum

Our curriculum and kindergarten activities enable you to build upon what your children already know and are able to do and encourage them to learn new concepts and skills. Our KidsSoup Resource Library provides resources to various preschool themes and integrate and teach across all areas of the core curriculum. There are currently more than 52 fun themes in the KidsSoup Resource Library: Holidays, Groundhog Day, Chinese New Years, Cinco de Mayo, Seasons, Letter of the Week, ABC, Bats, Chickens/Turkeys, Dinosaurs, Penguins, Polar Bears, Spiders, Farm, Garden, Zoo, Ocean, Earth Day, Space, Weather, Flowesr/Pants, Dental Health, Health and Nutrition, Pre-writing Skills, Shapes, Colors, The Gingerbread Man, The Little Red Hen, Little Miss Muffet, The Mitten, The Old Woman, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Apples, Fruits and Vegetables, Cars/Buses/Trucks, Olympic Games, and more. Our flexible, yet organized, resources make it easy to find a resource that engages your young learners and lays a solid foundation for lifelong learning. KidsSoup Membership Information

Our kindergarten curriculum includes developmentally appropriate activities and printables in the following areas:

  1. Language activities such as oral, listening, and visual
    1. Creative activities such as music, rhymes, movement, arts, and crafts
    2. Personal growth activities such as fine and gross motor skills development, health, safety,and nutrition
    3. Environmental and science activities
    4. Mathematical activities


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